Blockset Docs

Blockset is a backend-as-a-service for blockchain data designed to handle unlimited scale.

Blockset is designed with wallets, blockchain explorers, and data aggregators in mind - and unlike raw full nodes, is designed to handle unlimited scale. We wrangle the full nodes, pipe their data into a straightforward schema, and make it publicly accessible via the Blockset API.
In order to use blockset, begin with Authentication.

Hello, World!

Ready to begin? We’ll walk you through our Hello, World implementation in about 5 minutes.

Blockchain 101

We get it, Blockchain can be confusing at first. But don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed with Blockchain 101 and important glossary terms.

Try out the Sandbox

GET /POST /PUT /DELETE / to you heart's content inside the Sandbox and experience the magic of blockchain data at your fingertips.
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Blockset both powers, and is brought to you by BRD , the world’s oldest and most trusted mobile wallet.